Indian Wedding Film | Ritika & Charles

We are thrilled to share Ritika and Charlie’s Wedding Film. Ritika and Charlie were married in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony and we spent an unforgettable three days with this amazing couple. We knew that it was going to be an awesome event when we showed up on the first day at the Sangeet and saw how energetic and friendly everyone was. During the second day, at the bride and groom’s Vidhi, everyone was eager to participate in applying the turmeric paste on their face, hands, and feet. Finally it was the big day, which began bright and early with the Baraat. Charlie rode a horse while friends and family danced their way to the ceremony location.

There are many rituals in a Hindu wedding, each with it’s own meaning. Some of them are fun, such as grabbing the groom’s nose and stealing his shoes. Other rituals have a very deep and powerful meaning, like Saptapadi or seven steps taken, circling around the fire four times, and the Kanyadaan, when the father hands over all his rights and duties to the groom.

Congratulations again to Ritika and Charlie!